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BP Psc

RA (J2000)
DEC (J2000)
R band (mag)
Distance (pc)
Disk Diameter (")
Disk Diameter (AU)
How Well Resolved
At ref. wavelength (micron)
# References
23 22 24.69-02 13 41.4TT 12.2100-3001.2120-36075118Zuckerman et al. 200836.41.63


Spectral Type Reference: Kastner et al. 2008


Shocks and a Giant Planet in the Disk Orbiting BP Piscium?
Melis, C. et al. 2010 Ap.J. 724 470
Spitzer spectroscopy 
Molecules in the circumstellar disk orbiting BP Piscium.
*Kastner, J. H., Zuckerman, B., Forveille, T., 2008, A&A, 486, 239
Gas and dust associated with the strange, isolated star BP Piscium.
Zuckerman, B., Melis, C., Song, I., Meier, D. S., Perrin, M. D., Macintosh, B., Marois, C., Weinberger, A. J., Rhee, J. H., Graham, J. R., Kastner, J. H., Palmer, P., Forveille, T., Becklin, E. E., Wilner, D. J., Barman, T. S., Marcy, G. W., Bessell, M. S., 2008, ApJ, 683, 1085