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beta Pic

RA (J2000)
DEC (J2000)
R band (mag)
Distance (pc)
Disk Diameter (")
Disk Diameter (AU)
How Well Resolved
At ref. wavelength (micron)
# References
05 47 17.09-51 03 59.5MSA53.919.326501.89032Heap et al. 2000504.20.6143



The position of β Pictoris b position relative to the debris disk
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Planet coplanar with inner inclined disk 
Hot circumstellar material resolved around β Pic with VLTI/PIONIER
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A background galaxy in the field of the β Pictoris debris disk
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VLT imaging of the β Pictoris gas disk
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Images in Fe I and Ca II  
The Mineralogy and Structure of the Inner Debris Disk of β Pictoris
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High angular resolution detection of beta Pictoris b at 2.18 microns
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The beta Pictoris disk imaged by Herschel PACS and SPIRE
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Diagnosing Circumstellar Debris Disks
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Collisional model 
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A Giant Planet Imaged in the Disk of the Young Star beta Pictoris
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A probable giant planet imaged in the beta Pictoris disk. VLT/NaCo deep L'-band imaging
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Relates to planets 
VLT/NACO coronagraphic observations of fine structures in the disk of beta Pictoris
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Relates to planets 
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Modeling of radial profiles 
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870 micron detection 
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Modeling of HST/ACS images 
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Disk slightly resolved in 1 axis 
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4 non-coplanar rings? 
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